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Clean Master Adelaide is a renown company for all types of curtain cleaning Adelaide, we deal in drapery cleaning, blind cleaning and so on. We offer all type of cleaning method such as curtain steam cleaning & curtain dry cleaning in Adelaide. Our technicians are focused to provide quality curtain cleaning Adelaide services, to ensure the better client services experience. Our services are not limited to just curtain we offer blind cleaning as well, so, don’t worry which type of blinds you have, be it roman blinds cleaning, Venetian blinds cleaning, vertical blinds cleaning, mini blinds cleaning, panel blinds cleaning & also drape cleaning. We have made some serious policy to ensure the quality cleaning experience, therefore we try to make things perfect by keeping some conditions up to the mark by us.

  • Expert curtain cleaning technician.
  • Client satisfaction.
  • No charge on free pick up & reinstallation services.
  • Same day curtain cleaning services.
  • No shrinkage & colour fading.
Curtain Cleaning Adelaide
Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Local Curtain Cleaners Adelaide

Our technicians hold the right kind of knowledge to do the curtain cleaning with precision and dedication. By using great quality machinery and cleaning solutions, we do the cleaning with serious intention, we make sure that the cleaning goes well. With their hard work and efficient curtain cleaning method, we provide service at an exciting price, so that our client can maintain their curtain and keep calling us to ensure the quality cleaning service at an affordable price every time.

  • Family Owned Business in Adelaide.
  • 24 X 7 Curtain Cleaning Services.
  • A team of Experienced Technicians.
  • Efficient Curtain Steam Cleaning & Curtain Dry Cleaning Services.
  • Laundry Curtain Dry Cleaning Services.
  • On-Site Mobile Curtain Cleaning Services.
  • No Shrinkage & Colour Fading After The Service.
On-Site Curtain Cleaning
On-Site Curtain Cleaning

Our Curtain Cleaning Services

The most important things about our services are its process, we focus on providing the complete solution, whatever the service you choose, we make sure that it has been done properly and there are no loose ends from our side. We offer a wide range of services such as:

  • Curtain steam cleaning
  • Curtain dry cleaning
  • Curtain stain removal
  • Curtain mould removal
Curtain Steam Cleaning
Curtain Steam Cleaning

Curtain Steam Cleaning Services

Curtain steam cleaning services is a versatile process of curtain cleaning Adelaide, in this method we use the combination of chemicals in machines and by applying our expertise we do the curtain cleaning. Curtain steam cleaning ensures complete cleaning of the curtain, it removes all the dust and dirt from the curtain and makes it look like a new one.

Curtain Dry Cleaning
Curtain Dry Cleaning

Curtain Dry Cleaning

Some curtains are made of fragile fabric in which there is a very small scope of cleaning, you can not do anything besides vacuuming. Curtain dry cleaning process involves the use of dry cleaning solvent and a dry cleaning machine, in which the technician add a small amount of dry cleaning solvent, which helps in sanitizing and cleaning the curtains.

Curtain Stain Removal
Curtain Stain Removal

Curtain Stain Removal

Stains ruin the presence of a curtain, because of the stains curtain lost its charm and become just an unworthy thing. Sure, you can’t throw your curtain once it has been affected with the stain. At Clean Master Adelaide we’re expert in curtain cleaning Adelaide and we do the curtain stain removal efficiently. Our technician has expertise in removing stains from the curtain by using the amalgamation of chemicals and cleaning technique.

Curtain Mould Removal
Curtain Mould Removal

Curtain Mould Removal

Mould can happen on the curtain any time, usually, it happens when there is excess moisture. While mould infestation in severe condition is difficult to completely remove, but we at Clean Master Adelaide can get rid of mould from any type of curtains in no time, with persistence and dedication we perform the curtain mould removal process and save the curtain from moulds.

Other Curtain Cleaning Services

Our horizon of curtain cleaning is not limited to process only, our technicians have expertise in all kind of curtain cleaning, in the age of modern art the curtain has a stage in which there are varieties of fabric, colour and diversity available for home decoration. We also offer services for these type of curtains as well. Therefore, if you have these curtains in your home, you can have our exclusive curtain cleaning Adelaide services.

  • Roman blinds cleaning.
  • Box Pleated curtain cleaning.
  • Sheer curtain cleaning.
  • Venetian blinds cleaning.
  • Vertical blinds.
  • Decorator Fabric curtain cleaning.
  • Velvet curtain cleaning.
  • Deep curtain cleaning.
  • Curtain sanitising & deodorising.

Same Day Curtain Cleaning

Having the Curtain cleaning Adelaide services seems a long and costly work but at Clean Master Adelaide we ensure the the curtain cleaning cost and time won’t cross the limit. If you have a dirty curtain in your home and you want to clean them fast, it’s good to call us, we are focused to do the same day curtain cleaning. With the combination of the expertise of our technicians and our innovation, we have prepared the full curtain cleaning plan, which helps in reducing the cleaning time while maintaining the quality work.

Same Day Curtain Cleaning
Same Day Curtain Cleaning

Why Choose Us For Curtain Cleaning Adelaide?

Clean Master Adelaide is a popular company for curtain cleaning, with more than 10 years of experience we have made thousands of people satisfied with our curtain cleaning services. We have made exclusive service available at affordable prices.

  • Efficient curtain cleaning experience.
  • All day services are available.
  • All experience technicians.
  • Licensed curtain cleaners.
  • Eco-friendly curtain cleaning products to ensure safety for pets & kids.
  • Customer friendly services.

For bookings call on our number 08 6117 4234, we will assist you with utmost gratitude. For any queries please write to us, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia