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Having a dirty mattress is a problem, we spent our time on the mattress to relax our body and brain in order to function well. If the mattress is dirty it harbours bacterias, which disturb the sleeping pattern and spread disease as well. On the other hand, a clean mattress helps in falling asleep fast. At Clean Master Adelaide we provide the best mattress cleaning services, our services are specially designed to make the 100% Sanitize. Some of the services which we offer are as such:

  1. Licensed Certified Mattress Cleaner.
  2. Eco-friendly Mattress Cleaning Chemicals.
  3. Professional & Affordable Services.
  4. Same Day Services Available
Mattress Cleaning Adelaide
Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

Why Mattress Cleaning Is Important?

Overtime the dust, bacterias and prolonged use make the mattress dirty, spills, urine and spills even worsen the condition. Thus, sleeping on a dirty mattress is not good for a good night sleep, therefore, a thorough cleaning session is must, in order to keep the mattress health for sleeping. There are multiple benefits of having a cleaned mattress some of them are:

  1. No elevated asthma risk in people.
  2. Pet hair, vomit stain, vomit smell, urine stain, urine smell all things are cleaned and removed after the mattress cleaning Adelaide.
  3. Spray eco-friendly chemical prevents infestation of dust mites and germs.
  4. Mattress sanitization is a must for a mattress.
Mattress Sanitization Adelaide
Mattress Sanitization Adelaide

Mattress Cleaning Services

We offer a wide range of mattress cleaning service, our technicians are capable of handling the toughest task. No matter how worse the condition of a mattress has, we can make it clean and sanitize it for your greater good. We know how important is to have a clean mattress in the house, it is used for a precious purpose which is sleeping. So without compromising with your and your loved one good night sleep have all these services.

  1. Mattress Steam Cleaning.
  2. Mattress Allergen Treatment.
  3. Mattress Dust Mite Treatment.
  4. Mattress Mould Removal.
  5. Black Mould Removal.
  6. Mattress Dry Cleaning.
  7. Mattress Stain Removal.

Mattress Steam Cleaning

During the mattress steam cleaning process, a cleaning machine is used in which a small amount of cleaning solvents is added. When the machine is turned on the water inside the tank gets boiled and it’s then turned into steam. Steam cleans the mattress by moistening the surface and killing all the bacteria at the same time.

Mattress Steam Cleaning Adelaide
Mattress Steam Cleaning Adelaide

Mattress Dry Cleaning

Sometimes when you needed to get your mattress cleaned in less time, mattress dry cleaning is quick and easiest way. In the process all the dust and grimes get removed along with sanitization. A dry cleaning solvent is used to perform the task, there is no water involved, therefore, the mattress is ready to use after few minutes of cleaning.

Mattress Stain Removal

Mattress is being daily used by us, spills and dust are common. Sometimes kids urinate while sleeping this also causes urine stain and vomit also turned into stain, to treat the stain our technicians uses the combination of good quality cleaning solvents. These solvents are good at removing urine and vomit stain and also works on food & drinks stain.

Mattress Stain Removal Adelaide
Mattress Stain Removal Adelaide

Mattress Mould Removal

Prolonged exposure to moisture develops the risk of moulds, if the mattress once infested with moulds it becomes very difficult to treat the mattress. Therefore, a proper cleaning protocol for mattress mould removal must be done. Mould should be cleaned with using top notch cleaning solvents, mould is a type of fungus if it happened once in a mattress, after cleaning there’s a risk of mould re-infestation.

Mattress Mould Removal Adelaide
Mattress Mould Removal Adelaide

Mattress Cleaning Process

We have made our services customer friendly and we keep us abreast with latest cleaning method. We only believe in providing quality services, so that our clients call us again to have their mattress cleaned by us. Before cleaning we ensure the the mattress is cleaned as per our parameters.

  • Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners: The vacuum cleaners we use are made of best class quality, which removes all the dust, dirt and grimes.
  • Germs & Bacteria: We use quality cleaning solvents which kills bacteria and make the mattress free from all allergens.
  • Antibacterial Spray: These spray prevents bacteria from coming back for a longer period.
  • Sanitization: Mattress sanitization is very important, without it the mattress isn’t cleaned properly. In this last step the cleaning team ensures that the mattress is completely cleaned and sanitized.

Same Day Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

Clean Master Adelaide is one of the best company who provides quality mattress cleaning Adelaide services. With the help of our technicians expertise and using our innovative ideas we have developed ways to do the cleaning fast. We clean any mess within a single day, we also provide same day booking and same day cleaning services. We provide 24*7 emergency cleaning services.

Same Day Mattress Cleaning Adelaide
Same Day Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

Why Choose Us?

Clean Master Adelaide is the number one company for mattress cleaning Adelaide. We have a team of expert technicians who have years of experience of mattress cleaning Adelaide. We ensure that the cleaning has been done properly, without client satisfaction we won’t leave the premises.

  • Licensed company for mattress cleaning Adelaide.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • Available 24*7 including public holidays.
  • Affordable mattress cleaning prices without any hidden prices.

For bookings call on our numbers 08 6117 4234 we will be delighted to serve you with our mattress cleaning Adelaide services.

Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia