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Clean Master Adelaide is one of the most famous and experienced companies in the city in order to provide the best and hygienic Mattress Cleaning Adelaide service. As we all know that third part of the day we spend on the bed which is covered with mattresses for comfortable sleeping but if your mattresses are not clean and unhygienic then there is no mean perfect comfortable sleep and rest. What to do for that? Well, worry not we are here for you aimed to provide the perfect mattresses for a perfect value of sleep at the night. Call us anytime for the queries related to mattress cleaning in Adelaide.

hygienic mattress cleaning adelaide

    Why Only Professionals Should Be Hired For Healthy Mattresses Cleaning Service?

    Mattresses cleaning is not as simple as it looks. There are so many ways to clean the mattresses but professionals’ work is so different and worth acceptable hiring. The cleaning service which is given by experienced professionals will surprise you by the new lustrous look of the old mattresses. Professionals have years of experience to do the work and bring the exceptional result of cleaning it.

    • Professionals bring longevity in the mattresses.
    • Expert cleaners always do happy and satisfying work.
    • Mattresses will be fully sanitised and deodorized by professionals services
    • The cleaning procedure is so simple and easy in order to not give trouble to the house members.
    • Only human and eco friendly cleaning agents will be used in professional cleaning service.
    • We are an experienced professional company in Adelaide. You can hire us for the same day safe mattress cleaning Adelaide service.

    The Numerous Services We Provide For Mattress Cleaning In Adelaide

    We provide numerous kinds of services in Adelaide so that we are able to serve all recommended and asked mattresses cleaning services. Let’s see the various kind of Mattress Cleaning Adelaide services that we provide on reasonable rates:

    Anti-Allergy Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

    Anti-Allergy Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

    To sleep on the safe and clean mattresses is a dream for all. And we do work to fulfil your desires in order to give you safe and germ-free mattresses. We provide our best anti-allergy mattress cleaning service.

    Mattress Steam Cleaning Service Adelaide

    Mattress Steam Cleaning Service

    Mattress steam cleaning is the finest way to take out the hidden germs and contaminants from the mattress. Steam cleaning is a combination of warm water and good steamers. It is really worth serving a service which gives us the best result of cleaning the mattress.

    Mattress Dry Cleaning Service Adelaide

    Mattress Dry Cleaning Service

    Dry cleaning the mattress is the way to decrease the level of humidity and moisture from the room. Humidity brings allergens with it and it causes many diseases at a time. Dry cleaning consists of no water cleaning policy.

    Mattress Urine Stain Adelaide

    Mattress Urine Stain Accidents Cleaning

    We usually tackle the urine stain on mattresses in Adelaide. People mostly asked us to remove the stinky stain as it is a common stain and every house has to face this situation once in a day. You can call us instead of removing it by yourself as we have the best stain removers. So it will be definitely useful for you and save your time & energy.

    Mattress Bed-Bugs Adelaide

    Mattress Bed-Bugs & Dust Mites Removal Adelaide

    Bed-bug is a curse on the mattresses but it is very common that you all have to face over time. We understand these problems well and our work is just for you so that we serve the hygienic services to the customers.

    Latex Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

    Latex Mattress Cleaning Adelaide Service

    Mattresses have various variety in the market and latex is one of them. It is a soft and comfortable form of the mattress and our professionals clean this with branded cleaning agents. Hire us now or anytime to get the favourable and best latex mattress cleaning service.

    Mattress Odour Removal  Adelaide

    Mattress Odour Removal & Sanitisation Service

    Mattresses become full of odour and stain with time. Stains make the mattresses worthless. We remove the odour from mattresses by our deodorisation service. The deodorisers which we spray on the mattress are fully secure and safe to apply at home and commercial places. With this, we also sanitise the mattresses to ensure the germs free services.

    Emergency Mattress Cleaning Service Adelaide

    Emergency Mattress Cleaning Service

    We know the value of emergency bookings and we promise that there is no delay in our service when you call us. We take minimal time to reach your place so without any lateness, our professionals will start the work.

    Hire Trained Professionals For Other Cleaning Services

    Clean Master Adelaide offer all kinds of cleaning services on the same day of booking. Call @0875345833 and hire our experts now for budget friendly services.

    Size Of Mattresses That We Clean In Adelaide

    We clean all sizes of mattresses so that we are able to assist all kinds of needs of our customers. Let’s see the different sizes mattresses that we clean:

    King Size Mattress

    King size mattresses are broad in size and look very beautiful. We provide the best king size mattress cleaning service to maintain its beauty for the long term.

    Queen Size Mattress

    Queen size mattress is a little shorter than a king mattress. We clean queen size mattresses as well with our effective way of cleaning it. Hire us and get your beautiful queen size mattress fully cleaned and back to its original pretty look.

    Double Size Mattress

    Double size mattress is good for the small family. The family can easily sleep on it and spend their happy moments with each other by playing with kids and talking with parents. This happiness only comes with a comfortable mattress and only clean mattresses can be comfortable. Get our double size mattress cleaning service now and invest your lovely moments on the clean mattresses.

    Single Size Mattress

    You can hire us for the single size mattress as well. We also clean the single size mattresses and the good news is that the single size mattresses cleaning service is available at a lower price than other sizes mattresses.

    Our Effective Mattress Cleaning Procedure

    The mattress cleaning procedure is the way to get the mattress fully cleaned and hygienic. We apply our following steps to clean the mattresses efficiently and on the same day of bookings. Let’s see the various steps of cleaning the mattresses:


    We start the procedure before inspecting the whole area of the mattress which needs to be cleaned. We get to know the texture, fabric and size of the mattress so that we apply the required method of cleaning on it to get the finest result.


    We start the vacuuming just after getting to know the correct texture of it. We have the HEPA filtered vacuums to eliminate all amount of dust and dirt. Clean Master ensure that there are not even a few particles that will still remain on the mattress after vacuuming.

    Mattress Sanitisation & Stain Removal

    We apply our anti-allergic treatment to ensure the satisfied fully hygiene mattress cleaning service. We also treat the stains as well to make the mattresses stain-free and look worthy.


    To ensure the satisfaction of clients we go through the whole cleaned mattress as the clients are our priority so we do all possible effort to get the satisfying result of mattress cleaning.

    Commercial & Residential Places Mattresses Can Be Cleaned Here

    Mattresses are essential material to sleep and take rest. We know the commercial places such as Hospitals, clinics, hotels etc. should be cleaned as well as residential places like homes, apartments, farmhouses where a family friend spent their time to take energy for day time work should be neat & clean. We provide the best version of our cleaning methods to serve the exact results of the service that you desire for. Our professionals are fully equipped with the latest machines which are updated with advanced techniques. Book us without any delay just pick your phone and call for any kind of needs.

    Why Only Clean Master Adelaide Should Be Your Choice For Mattress Cleaning Adelaide Service?

    Well, here is the list of benefits that make us worth hiring companies in Adelaide. We have the facility of same day mattress cleaning service with a safe and exceptional way of cleaning. Our services are extremely cost-effective and exceptional. Clean Master Adelaide promises to our customers that there is no-hassle in our procedure as all the machines and tools will be used by the professionals.

    • Professional team of cleaners
    • Also Uses Latest Equipments
    • Same day service available
    • 24*7 availability for clients
    • Also, hire us on weekends and public holidays as well
    • Many offers available which are beneficial
    • Affordable and pocket-friendly mattress cleaning services
    • You can get the free quote by just a simple call. Our team will assist you in the required way.
    mattress cleaning adelaide service

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we use an effective and Eco-friendly solution to treat the wine stains present on the king size mattress.

    We are not at all pricey. The cost mostly depends on the type of mattress and the extent of cleaning to be carried. You can call us to get a free quote over the phone.

    Yes, our team of cleaners are available on weekends and provide the best mattress cleaning service.

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