Types of Carpet Repair: Which Type Do You Need

Carpets add to the grace, and beauty of any interior, however, maintaining them is an equally difficult task. They require proper maintenance and upkeep for them to look good and serve well. An unclean carpet can be a health hazard as it houses, dust, dirt, pollens, pollutants and much more. So, it is always best to upkeep your carpet with carpet cleaning and carpet repair services to make them look good for a long time.

The carpets are prone to get damaged easily. They can get ripped, burned, cut or indented by furniture. Sometimes you can find the carpet shedding, sprouting and fuzzing. It is important to take care of the carpet as a when these problems arise. Carpet repair service professionals are experts to take care of your carpet issues. Here are a few carpet repair types that are undertaken by carpet repair companies.

Carpet Repair Services

Hole In The Carpet:

Accidentally, sometimes your pet or child can dig up a hole in your carpet. Don’t worry much about it, a carpet repair can easily take care of it. Carpet repair is done using a carpet tractor that meshes the fibers and makes the hole invisible. You can easily patch up a hole in the carpet using this machine. Along with the machine you would need a piece of the exact size of the hole and a one sided tape to fix it to the floor once done. Move the carpet tractor over it to mesh it perfectly with the carpet. Always use a left out the patch from the existing carpet to fix up the hole or you can just replace it with an exact identical one.

Stained Carpet:

Staining is a common problem with carpets. Sometimes we accidentally drop something on the carpet. There are a lot of ways to self carpet repair. Like using ¼ cup of vinegar, 1 tsp of soap and water filled in a spray bottle. Let the mixture rest for 10 minutes and then spray on the stain. Use a dry and clean towel to soak the stain. If you are still unhappy with the outcome, hire a professional carpet cleaner to take care of the stain. They use different cleaning agents to treat the stain as per need.

Wrinkled Carpet

Carpets that are not installed properly can cause wrinkles to appear at some spots. However expensive the carpet is, an improperly fixed one does not look great. The Carpet Repair Service will take up restretching to do away with the wrinkles.

Wrinkled Carpet stretching Services
Wrinkled Carpet stretching Services

Carpet Shading

Some areas in the house have more traffic than the others. The carpet area in this area is flattened by the traffic, if the carpet has been there for a long time. This is known as carpet shading or carpet crushing. This is a major problem in doorways and large offices with a large number of workers. Regular raking and vacuuming can delay the problem. But if you think the problem has passed the stage than opting for a carpet repair service is the best idea.

Carpet Sprouting

Sometimes tufts in the carpet are longer than the rest of the carpet, this phenomenon is known as carpet sprouting. People try pulling off them away, which isn’t the best idea. The best idea is to trim the tufts with scissors to ensure that the tufts are on the same level as the carpet. It is a pretty difficult task, its best to take the help of a professional carpet repair service.

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